Thursday, October 2, 2008

Setbacks in other aspects of life...

I wish I could post some pictures of my extremely huge green Pink Branywine tomatoes but alas, we were recently burglarized. The thief managed to snag quite a bit of our electronics, and it happened to include my laptop (which had a card reader in it), my husband's external card reader, and the camera's USB cord... though not the camera.

As I know some will wonder, we are OK but it happened in the dark of early morning while we were asleep in our beds. We slept through moist of it (amazing & sickening to think of it...) until the guy started trying to unplug things in the office. Chad chased him out at that point. We lost a lot of stuff, including both laptops and both ipods, but nothing important that can't be replaced relatively soon. Once my cards have been replaced and Chad has a new cell phone, the rest are mostly just toys. We're far more concerned about the invasion of our home than the items stolen, so we're mainly focusing on making things more secure... We're just thankful the criminal apparently wasn't violent.

Anyway, there will be pictures once we have a USB cord or a card reader again. The huge Brandywine plant is producing massive tomatoes and the more wimpy Brandwine plants have begun to produce a couple, too. I think we'll get a decent number of ripe ones before the first freeze, but I suspect we will find ourselves with a huge supply of green tomatoes to fry in the end!

The fall plantings are going strong and the other tomato plants continue to produce decently enough. I think, however, that I may need to start over entirely on a couple of the potted plants that were below the window the theif cracked. Tiny bits of glass got into them, and I'm not entirely confident that they wouldn't end up in the spinach and lettuce. *sigh*