Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Seedling Updates


Most of the store-bought strawberry plants are doing nicely, though a couple are dying off. I suppose that's to be expected when separating 16 plants from one big clump of dry roots.

The home-grown-from-seed strawberries are still teeny tiny but looking healthy! Even a couple of the Alpine Strawberry Seeds are beginning to peek out from their peat pod. *insert girly squeal here* I think I transplanted them too early last year, so I'm going to let them grow and grow in their little green house peat pod chamber until they're just too big to leave in there.


The four Tom Thumbs seem to be near the end of their baby leaf stage, but the Little Gems haven't even so much as poked a green finger above the surface. I put in a few more seeds today, but I suppose we may be seeing only one variety of lettuce in this season's garden. If that's the case, I'm glad it's the Tom Thumbs.


Some of the red onions are looking OK, some aren't. I started a few more seeds today. If these don't work out, I may stick with green onions (not yet started). I hope I get at least a few reds, though!


They're beautiful little babies! I should see some true leaves any day now.

The full grown Red Robin Tomato plants are about to start blooming. I should probably transplant them into their deeper pots before that happens... They need a couple more inches of soil than I can add to their current pots.


One is showing his face, just barely, but that's it. I want two cucumber plants, so I'll try a couple more seeds if neither of the other two show up by the weekend. I'm afraid I didn't baby these with peat or starting medium. I just put my regular old potting soil into a used 4 cell pack and added seeds. I'm a terrible cucumber mommy.


The radishes, carrots, green onions, and sugar snap peas will be sown right in the garden. If we get some good weather, I'm betting we'll place it, fill it, and sow some of it this weekend! :D

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