Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daydreams of 2009

While waiting for my garden to start producing more than radishes to eat, I'm already daydreaming about what to plant next year. Especially since we plan to have one more 4x4 square foot garden. Exciting things on my very tentative list for 2009:

  1. Pink Brandywine tomatoes, from the seeds of this year's plants.
  2. Cherokee Purple tomatoes, because I've wanted to grow dark, mottled looking tomatoes for a long time.
  3. Azoychka tomatoes, both yellow (yay for interesting tomatoes!) and an early producer.
  4. The same Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, for which I am saving seeds from the original package. They're not heirloom, but it's hard to beat their early, high production.
  5. Oxheart carrots, if I run out of seeds for the Red Cored Chantenay I currently have, because I'm curious about these stocky looking roots.
  6. Purple Haze carrots, because how fun is a purple carrot?!
  7. Pineapple flavored Ground Cherries.
  8. Three varieties of lettuce including Little Gem Romaine (because we're having so much success with it so far!), Black Seeded Simpson (because it's doing well and I'm hoping the extra seeds we have will still be good next year), and some sort of "heading" lettuce that I've not picked out yet. I don't think I'll plant the meclun green mix again, even though I still have tons of seeds, because they are the one thing in the garden that keeps getting eaten by bugs.
  9. Both red and white onions of some sort, so I can make a beautiful onion braid to last us all winter!
  10. Pumpkins and zucchini, if we make it through the rest of this year without seeing another squash bug. *shiver*

Lots more, but that's what I've been daydreaming of. I'll probably also experiment with potatoes and some sort of beans, and I do plan to do garlic over the winter.

Gosh, I've probably already over-filled the two garden beds with my imagination!


Anonymous said...

I did this exact same thing last year for this year's season. It worked out pretty well. I like your list a lot. I'd never heard of Azoychka tomatoes--I'll have to check them out!

Jen said...

I'm new to this gardening thing so I had to google onion braids (why yes, I have been living under a rock, tyvm =P) and they are so cute!

I also had to look up squash bugs =\ Those are... not cute. Ugh

Elizabeth said...

Seeded, I'm fascinated with oddly colored tomatoes. I had Yellow Pear tomatoes in a pot last year, and they were actually the most successful of my tomato plants (none of which got enough sun where I had them on the porch).

Jen, you can also make the braids out of garlic! And squash bugs are AWFUL. They completely destroyed my zucchini the first year I had an in-ground garden of my own and I swear they were laughing at me with my little squirt bottle of soapy water. The up side, I guess, was that they left everything else alone.