Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seedlings and Strawberries!

I just had to share pictures of my seedlings and new strawberry plants....

This is my primary vegetable seedling setup. It's an overcast day, but these guys normally get a pretty good amount of sun in the south-facing windows of the laundry room.

I also have a shelf in the laundry room where I usually put my seeds when I first start them, until they actually emerge.

Some of the more interesting seedlings I've been watching daily are...

The Alpine Strawberries, which are still teeny tiny:

The Burgundy okra, which has huge baby leaves and a touch of burgundy color on the stem:

The first of the Rainbow Swiss Chard, which I was surprised to discover is immediately colorful:

I also picked up two mature Junebearing strawberry plants at the Farmer's Market today. As much as I enjoy growing everbearing plants from seed, it's just nice to have a couple Junebearers for a little instant gratification. I went ahead and put them in a hanging basket that I can bring inside at night and on colder days:

On a sidenote, our kitties reap the benefits of my gardening hobby as well. I often grow cat grass to keep indoors for them. Our indoor-outdoor cat named Oz doesn't care much about it, but our indoor cat named Ali loves it. Though, she was clearly more interested in what my jeans smelled like this afternoon:

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