Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Tomato Plants

It's a beautiful day for gardening! Cool air, warm sun, mild wind... So unlike the gusts and gales that swept fire across Oklahoma and Texas a couple days ago. How horrible that was!

I actually came home to my seedlings strewn across the backyard, despite the shelter the back corner should have provided them. The damage wasn't too horrible though, and I'm certainly bearing in mind that a few lost seedlings is nothing compared to the homes people lost that night.

But today is another matter, for us at least. We took a trip to the farmer's market to replace the stunted Pink Brandywine seedlings. I picked up a traditional Brandywine and a Cherokee Purple. I'm especially excited about the Cherokee Purple since it's my first time trying it at all.

So I put those and most of my other seedlings on the back steps to harden off then went about seeding and watering the garden. I have to take and post pictures soon, as the garlic plants are huge and the spinach is starting to look like spinach (cool!).

For now though, I'm going to enjoy my iced green tea then start cleaning up the house. Goodness, it's a mess...


David said...

No tornadoes up here in Wichita yet but we've had many days with 40mph gusts and I've lost a couple of plants to the wind. Luckily I had spares to replace them with.
I look forward to seeing how your garden progresses.

One Acre Homestead said...

I'm gonna have to get up there to the Farmer's Market one of these Saturdays! I planted Cherokee Purples just today...along with a tomato named Mr. Stripey!! I do hope Mr. Stripey gives me lots of tomatoes!