Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Seedlings!

Yesterday morning was officially a blizzard here in the Oklahoma City area (and much of the Midwest!).  Chad took a lot of pictures, all from the warm safety of the inside of our house... which is much warmer than our last one!


Even our covered, screened in back porch was covered with snow!
That meant that Ali, our indoor princess of a cat, got to walk in snow for the first time ever!  She's been pretty excited about it but won't stay out there freezing her paws for too long.

This doesn't keep me from thinking about warmer months.  I moved my seedlings away from the cold windowsill and decided to take a quick snap of them to share.
From bottom to top: Yellow Tumbling Tom tomatoes, Red Tumbling Tom tomatoes, globe basil, genovese basil, and Red Robin tomatoes.
Tiny Alpine strawberry seedlings in a Jiffy pot.
All of these varieties are ideal for containers, since that's pretty much all I'm going to do this year.  I'll probably also grow one larger determinate tomato plant and maybe some baby-sized lettuce varieties.  Simple is my motto this year!


Amy said...

I would have never thought of a screened in porch getting snow through the screen, but I guess so! Like those little cat prints. :P

Dana @ Potted Farm said...

Yay seedlings! That same storm hit here in Boston and it left a wallop. Somehow the snow wants me to plant more. I'm jealous you have tomato seedlings already. Our frost season lasts so long I can't think about starting those for a few more weeks.

Roberta Palm said...

We had at least 14 inches up north here near the Quad Cities region( 2 towns in Iowa and 2 in illinois with the mississippi running through them---quad city). I started my seedlings around that time, my cabbage is a bit too big right now--I thought last week with 60 degrees I might get lucky and get some early plantings. But my sub-urban garden up here will have to wait. roberta

Todd Eric said...

I got so excited about this and all of the flower pots we have (between our own and several this house's last occupants left behind), that I've been fishing through our seed stash pulling out all of the flowers and herbs that can be successfully sown outdoors around the last frost date. It also comes to mind that we have a bare spot in our front flower bed... though I'm tempted to grow a few little baby sized heads of lettuce there instead of flowers, until the weather is too hot to easily grow lettuce.