Monday, December 3, 2007

Recommitment & Winter Tomatoes

I started on this blog and let it fall to the side. But my journal-style blog has also fallen to the side, partly because I'm not comfortable with online "journaling" anymore. But I love blogging, so I think I'm going to start putting some energy into this one.

I'll begin by commenting on my indoor winter tomatoes. None of my cherry tomato cuttings survived, but I have two young Red Robin tomato plants (from seed) just flourishing in my laundry room! I think the secret was the bottle cloches I used. They clearly hold in more moisture (great for those of us who forget to water!) and provide a little extra protection against the cold rolling off the window panes. If nothing else, the cloches certainly kept the plants safe from my devious little kitty!

One has outgrown the two-litter cloche though, so we will soon see how it fairs without extra shelter.

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