Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maybe I lost (actually, quit) my job, but I've gained time to plan my garden!

My husband and are modifying the Square Foot Gardening method. The two major differences will be that we will dig into the soil beneath the ground, because plants might as well be able to spread their roots if they are fortunate enough to be in the ground instead of a container, and we will most likely use perlite instead of the far more expensive vermiculite when mixing the soil. After all, who knows when I'll find another decent paying job?

Square Foot Gardening (SFG) seems ideal for suburban gardeners and urban gardeners fortunate enough to have a small patch of land. When I made a plan for my little garden (I'll only be doing one 4x4 box), I was really pretty impressed at how many plants I should be able to squeeze in there! A smaller version of "the box" could be put to use on patios and porches, as well. Hell, simply using his spacing method for regular pots on your porch makes sense.

Current plans for spring and summer crops: Cucumbers, three varieties of tomatoes, sugar snap peas, two varieties of lettuce, carrots, red onions, and green onions. There's currently one square foot that hasn't been planned at all, so I may think of something else or simply fill it with more lettuce.

Fall crops will surely involve more lettuce and carrots, but I also want to give garlic a try.

In the porch department, I'm very determined to grow some Alexandra strawberries. I will use every seed I have left to increase my odds!

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