Sunday, March 9, 2008

Looking Forward to a Gardening Day

I'm sooooo excited about tomorrow's gardening plans! Both of the Red Robin Tomato plants are super leggy, so I'm going to re-pot them into two lovely cone-shaped hanging baskets. We're due for a week of pleasant weather, so the porch will be their daytime home now. One has several green tomatoes, so I'll have to be extra careful with it.... but I really do think the transplant is necessary.

It's also time to start hardening off the wee baby tomato plants, so they'll be transported in and out for a while as well. It's nearly time to give them a little more soil, but it'll be a while before I'm confident about putting them in the garden itself.

Meanwhile, I have ungodly numbers of strawberry seedlings. The store-bought ones didn't fair so well, but the ones I grew from seed are fabulous little pretties. I need to see if I can hunt down some small, inexpensive pots so I can give a few of them away to friends once they're strong enough. I suppose it actually won't be long until it's time to harden these off, as well. They're just so lacy and delicate right now, I can hardly stand the idea of removing them from the environment that has them thriving so.

I need to remove the screens from the garden and see if any seedlings have started, as well. Once they're too tall to avoid getting crushed by the screen, I'm going to have to devise new ways to keep it from becoming the neighborhood litter box!


Liz said...

I would be happy to take some of those strawberry plants off your hands once I move in! :)

Elizabeth said...

Liz, I will very happily share a few with you!