Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Repotting and Seedling Cleanup

Phwew, yesterday was productive!
  • Re-potted Red Robin Tomato plants into hanging cone planters.
  • Watered and checked on garden. Onions are doing fabulously, but I see no growth from seeds yet.
  • Put baby tomato plants into some soil in a four-cell tray, as their little roots were starting to poke out of the peat pods.
  • Started "cat grass" in a left over plastic tray for the kitties.
  • Threw out dead seedlings (used their soil for re-potting!) & consolidated the living onto one large tray.
I realize now that the RR tomato plants are going to be a bitch to harden off, as they are extremely heavy in their hanging cones. I can handle it, but I'll be leaving them outside overnight the very second I think I can get away with it! I actually think Wednesday evening is supposed to stay as warm as the 50s, so that may be their first night out.

I think I have a plan for growing container tomatoes in the future. Once they're ready for a full-sized pot, I'm going to plant them deeply and with a few inches left at the top of the pot. This way, I can fill in more soil once they're larger and leggy. I think this'll work nicely.

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