Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Simple Gift

Plants make great gifts. I'm taking this little strawberry plant to a birthday party tonight. It's one of the dozens I've grown from seed and I just spruced up an old pot with a scrap ribbon. Plant tags make a nice touch, and they don't have to be anything fancy, though crafty touches are much more impressive. In this case, I just printed it, cut it, and taped it to a craft stick. Voila! An inexpensive gift almost anyone can appreciate.



Mick said...

Great idea!!
I have quite a few tomato plants on the go at the moment, just over 30 in fact. After picking out my 6I'll be handing out the spares to workmates and neighbours. I may just make some of those little signs to identify each of the different types. I'll pass on the ribbon though. :-)

Elizabeth said...

It seems like such a waste to just throw out the seedlings we don't need, doesn't it? After all, a lot of energy and love goes into growing seedlings.

And yeah, the bow was just to emphasize the "birthday present" aspect. :)