Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Radish Harvest

Yes indeed folks, we have our first mature radishes!


They're the White Icicle variety.  And, uh, yeah, that's my round face and bad hair day in the background.

I immediately seeded the spots left empty by this harvest, but the first batch of radishes I planted will probably be the last nice big fat ones I see until summer is over.  The one caution with radishes, which are so easy to grow, is that you don't want to leave them in the ground too long in the hot months of summer or their flavor changes and they can get spongy.  Pay attention to the "days to harvest" on the seed packet and pick them as soon as they're a usable size at all when it's hot.  You can start letting them grow big again in the fall.

Meanwhile, we were surprised to see one of these vibrant orange Dahlias rebloom in a deep, deep red:


Nature always has something up her sleeve.

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