Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today's gardening activities:

~Watered and weeded (three mushrooms) the garden and other plants.
~Went to Target for Dr. Pepper but left with basil seeds instead.
~Went to Lowe's with Chad and purchased one bag of cheap potting soil, one bag of seed starting medium (the last one!), two bags of eucalyptus mulch, a tray of creeping phlox, and an amazingly beautiful fuchsia.
~Potted the last of the two Red Robin tomato plants I'm giving to my parents.
~Planted basil seeds in a cute little tin container for the window sill and mixed herbs in another.
~Put basil seeds with all of the potted tomatoes I'm going to give away and between the two brandywine plants in the garden.
~Admired Chad's work as he weeded, put down weed guard in, mulched, and finished planting the side flower bed.

We're not sure where we'll end up putting the phlox now, but it was meant for one of the side flower beds in the back. The fuchsia will most likely live in the biggest ceramic pot on our front porch.

The brandywine whose stem broke twice before being transplanted isn't looking so hot. I have a slightly younger brandywine seedling to replace it if necessary, but I'm actually really annoyed that it picked the day before the garden's photo shoot to wimp out on me.... Uh huh, that's right, a photo shoot. I'm not giving too much away yet, but my garden and I may soon taste a small amount of local fame! So, I need to get to bed! I want to sweep the porch and spruce things up a bit in the morning.

Good night, everyone!


Mick said...

Creeping Phlox are great. I put a pink one in at the weekend to go with the cascading white we've had 2 years now. If they "get hold" they can get out of hand and have to be chopped back but the abundence of colour in spring and fall is well worth the work.


Janet Brett said...

Hi Elizabeth,

This is Mick's wife, Jan. I just wanted to tell you to keep a close eye on your fuschia. Last year. I had a beautiful fuschia in a pot on the porch. One day it was fine, the next it was covered in caterpillars. They absolutely decimated it in one day, and it never recovered.

Elizabeth said...

Mick, I love the idea of mixing the colors. We picked up blue, but I've seen some really beautiful pinks. I'd love to find some place where they can actually creep and spill DOWNWARD.

Jan, HI! Thanks for commenting! I'll keep an eye on my fuschia, thanks. It seems like I run across a lot of stories about how delicate they can be. And now, apparently, tasty. ;)