Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures from Yesterday

I'm up early after an evening of cheap Pinot Noir. That always happens when I have a few too many glasses, but the nice thing about this morning's restlessness is that it was accompanied merely by a craving for Diet Dr. Pepper instead of by a headache.

So here I am with my giant cup of soda, thinking about what a nice day yesterday was. Chad captured much of it in pictures.

A few strawberries in the June-bearing basket are turning red, and this one looks soooo tempting.


I was enamored by our Red Lady Fern, which was nothing but a pot of curly little twigs when we first purchased her.


Chad started taking a closer look at some of the plants in the veggie garden, including the Little Gem Romain:


And the ruffly basil that lives between the Supersweet 100 and Genovese tomatoes:


As I tended the garden, I found that both the basil seeds and some type of grass or weed has sprouted around the tomatoes. I weeded the grass and put cardboard down on the areas where it was trying to grow and will look into buying some straw on the way out to my parents' house in the country later today. Straw makes a nice mulch for vegetable gardens..

Chad worked on part of one of the side flower beds, putting in our creeping phlox. It's a grassy, weedy bed that's had no preparation, but we couldn't really put weed block around a creeping plant we want to creep. So he brilliantly cut cardboard to fit the space, leaving holes for the still small phlox plants, which should kill off much of the weeds before it biodegrades and lets the phlox do it's thing. With some of my super cheap potting soil thrown on top, it's already looking a little prettier.

We then took a walk to the wine store and looked at all of the plants our neighbors have been putting in. These pink flowered bushes were one of my favorites just based on their solid color, and I simply must hunt some down once I learn what they're called:


Can anyone tell me what they are? Perhaps I can catch the owners outside sometime and ask them.

I'm also in love with this funky little tree, manipulated bonsai style:


I'm guessing it's related to a weeping cedar? Whatever it is, we saw a couple on our walk and I'm terribly fascinated.

Well, today should be lovely as well. Nice and cool, in the 60s. We're going to try and make it out to the arts festival for a bit, but I want to visit my parents and take them their tomato and strawberry plants. I'm really eager to see how the flower bed we planted out there is doing!


One Acre Homestead said...

The first mystery plants are Azalea Bushes. They are just lovely this time of the year and the leaves are a lovely dark glossy green.

We have several of those trees in and around our neighborhood as well...I don't know what they are, but they ARE captivating.

Elizabeth said...

Ah, Azalea bushes! I think we may have to look into getting one for next year.


Mick said...

Hi Elizabeth

How are the temps down your way?

I was chatting today (Monday) with someone from your neck of the woods who said that it got down to 32 in Marietta and that Davis hit 31!

Hope your plants are Ok :-(


Elizabeth said...

Everything is heavenly here, Mick. We had a couple cool nights, but we didn't have any freezing temps.

I think we're out of the woods on freezes, here. *knock on would*