Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carrot Harvest

Today was my first sizable carrot harvest!


Red Cored Chantenay Carrots

They're fat, stubby little things right now! And tasty. I shredded them for a Moroccan coleslaw recipe that was The Awesome paired with turkey meat loaf.


I know these guys aren't quite full sized yet, but they've still made me decide I definitely want to grow a long variety along side them next year. And some of them will definitely be purple!


Katie said...

My reds came out a little longer than that, but they were nice and sweet. Hope your's are too.

Purple carrots? Sounds like an adventure!

Amy said...

They look great! I can't wait till mine are ready. And we're going to try purple next time too =)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, yummy! Now I've got to go see if any of my carrots are ready. I've got some purple carrots out there.

Dr Craig said...

Hi Elizabeth,
How about sharing your Moroccan coleslaw recipe? Those carrots look mighty tasty. Wish I had thought about growing some this year. And they grow so well with tomatoes.

Elizabeth said...

Katie, mine are definitely still pretty small. I think we may have gone a little heavy on the manure in the garden mix. But they're still extremely sweet and tender!

Amy, I think purple carrots are just too fun to pass up. :)

Seeded, pull some big, long purple for me! ;)

Craig, good idea! I'll share it soon. It's a great recipe for people growing carrots and green cabbages.

John said...

Your carrots look great Elizabeth. I just harvested my first one of any size a few days ago. Hope you get many more.


Lewru said...

I would love to see your recipe for Moroccan slaw! Sounds great! I've got Dragon carrots coming out of the ground right now that would be perfect for that.

Elizabeth said...

John, thank you! (Cool blog, BTW!)

Lewru, I gave in and posted the recipe a few minutes ago. (I'm looking forward to exploring your blog, BTW. I love the gardening/cooking blend you have going on!)