Monday, June 2, 2008

Updates From the Impatient Gardener

I needed a scallion for yesterday's dinner, so I went out to the garden to pick one fresh.  And, holy moly, I got a surprize!P6010047

Apparently, I'm just a really impatient gardener!  I originally purchased the set under the impression that they were a white onion that would bulb, but then they didn't bulb at all and I decided they'd been mislabeled and started using them as green onions (very tasty green onions!).  But now, over half of them are visibly bulbing!P6020051

And while we're on the topic of what's going on underground, it looks like some of the carrots are ready to pull!


Above ground, I was ecstatic to discover tiny buds on the brandywine tomato plants!!!  These are the tomatoes I'm really excited about.  Woohoo!!!P6020054

The youngest Red Robin is blooming nicely, which is a pleasant sight just outside out back door.              P6020060P6020062

This is also one of the more charming sights you'll see on our back steps.  Poor little Ali isn't allowed outside, but at least she has a good view when we're tending to the container plants!P6020064


One Acre Homestead said...

I have garden envy...your carrots are beautiful. I think maybe I planted mine at the wrong time or something. Did you consult the farmer's almanac moon phases business? There are supposedly days to plant root veggies in the moon's least that gives me something to blame my sad little carrots on...ugh!

Daphne said...

I've never gotten carrots to grow well in my garden. I'm going to have to try again.

Mick said...

I'm having mixed results with my carrots this year. Some feisty and rarin' to grow, others kinda limp and weary looking. For next year I have a sort of greenhouse construction planned and I'm going to start them EARLY. Carrots like cool roots and warm tops and when soil temps get above 70F they lose on size and taste.

Oh dear, poor Ali. Why can't she go out, has she been ill?

Elizabeth said...

One Acre, thank you! No, I didn't consult the almanac and don't know anything about how moon phases affect gardening... but now I'm terribly curious!

Daphne, this is my first true attempt, and so far so good!

Mick, I started mine about as early as the charts said I could, and things seem to be going pretty well over all. They were a little slow to grow, but that's about it. And Ali's actually not allowed out at all. She lived in an apartment with me before we got this house and there's just no way I'd let her out for the first time ever in this neighborhood. There are huge feral cats living under the laundry room and a very busy street just a couple houses down. But Mr. Oz, who is big and tough and was already an established outdoor cat at my husband's old house, goes in and out. Sometimes he hangs out with in the garden, mostly hoping I'll let him drink from the water hose.

Jill of All Trades said...

What fun to pull carrots. Do you ever do potatoes they are fun to grow and dig also.

Elizabeth said...

Jill, I'm wishing now that I had done potatoes! I may take a look at some charts and see if I might be able to squeeze some in, still.