Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Showing off the Upcoming Harvest!

Something munched some of our baby cucumbers recently, but there were a few survivors.  One of them is growing so fast!  It's going to be ready to pick in no time!P6180083

The largest Genovese tomato is about the size of a small tangerine.P6180094

I've also been eyeing the onions.  Since the Oklahoma wind blew over all the stalks (which normally fall over when it's time to harvest), I'm just going to have to make an educated guess as to when to pull them out of the ground.P6180090

The Super Sweet 100 tomatoes are still green, but we've had a steady supply of cherry tomatoes for our salads via the Red Robin plants.           P6160051

I love the idea that people walk by our house and see hanging baskets of tomatoes on the front porch.  I think they're as pretty as flowers, and soooo tempting.  No one has yet to steal any that I know of, though.

I've also been harvesting carrots as needed, but they're still pretty small.  I suspect the nitrogen content of the soil was a little high for them, so I won't add any compost to those squares when I do the fall planting.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Everything looks delicious, especially that bright red tomato!

Kari & Kijsa said...

One word: yum!

kari & kijsa

John said...

It's very cool that you are growing tomatoes in hanging baskets. Your plants all look great.

Lewru said...

Love the pictures! I had a squirrel take a nibble out of my cucumbers. A pain, but I cut it away and the cucumber was still great.

I'm jealous of your steady-supply! So far we've gotten two very special cherry tomatoes. Can't wait for more! said...

All of it looks amazing and tasty.

Mick said...

I'd add PLENTY of compost for the carrots personally. It provides nutrition, improves soil structure, helps the soil retain water and moderates the pH level of the soil.

Carrots need high Nitrogen and low Phosphorus/Potassium as well as deep loose soil to grow well.

Planting too close together can result in stunted growth too.